Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM)

Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM)

Upon course completion, Students will be able to: identify the components of the Cisco Cloud Management software solution, understand the fundamentals of Cloud infrastructure administration,d describe reporting and charge-back, provision Clouds using pre-configured templates, perform Cloud management, monitoring and remediation, provision the Cisco UCS Director, provision the Cisco PSC, provision the Cisco ICF, provision the Cisco VACS, provision the Cisco PNSC.

  • Cisco Cloud Technologies Overview Reviewing Cloud Environments
  • Reviewing the Virtual Infrastructure
  • Cisco UCS Director Overview
  • Cisco Cloud Solution
  • Cisco Cloud Administration
  • Administering the Portal in Cisco UCS Director
  • Describing VM Operations in Cisco UCS Director
  • Cisco PSC Services
  • Cisco Cloud Provisioning
  • Deploying Cisco UCS Templates with Cisco UCS Director
  • Explaining Cisco UCS Director Application Containers
  • Cisco Virtual Application Container Services Basics
  • Cloud Systems Management and Monitoring
  • System Monitoring in Cisco UCS Director
  • Monitoring Dashboards in Cisco UCS Director
  • Reporting in Cisco UCS Director (CloudSense)
  • Creating Budget and Resource Limits in Cisco UCS Director
  • Cisco UCS Performance Manager
  • Cloud Remediation
  • Configuring Serviceability Options
  • Interpreting Logs for Root Cause Analysis
  • Reviewing Backup Cisco UCS Director Configurations


  • Lab 1: Explore Cisco UCS Director Portal and Register Virtual and Physical Components
  • Lab 2: Explore Cisco UCS Director Portal Administration Tasks
  • Lab 3: Explore Cisco UCS Director VM Operation Tasks Using Predefined Workflow
  • Lab 4: Explore Cisco PSC
  • Lab 5: Explore VM, Cisco UCS, and Server Templates in Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 6: Explore Application Container Tasks Defining Two-Tier Application Container
  • Lab 7: Explore Cisco UCS Director Monitoring Capabilities
  • Lab 8: Explore Cisco UCS Director Built-In Reports
  • Lab 9: Explore Monitoring Dashboards in Cisco UCS Director and Generate a Top-N Report
  • Lab 10: Explore Charge-Back Reporting Capabilities of Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 11: Enable Serviceability Options in Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 12: Explore Logs in Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 13: Back Up Cisco UCS Director Configuration to a Backup Server

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  • Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse: Prior completion of the Course "Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND)"
  • Zielgruppe: Network administrators and network engineers, CCNP Collaboration candidates
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